Our Mission

We will be the best learning institution, providing highly individualized and personalized instruction through effective and innovative educational strategies by character-driven, competent, committed, well-trained and experienced teachers to God-fearing students who will be global competitors and future leaders of our country.

Educational Philosophy

Creative Middle School’s thrust harbors onto the concept that childhood is the most critical stage in a person’s development. When a child begins to wonder, explore and question things around him, he develops a fragile mechanism for learning. The idea then is to foster an atmosphere of childhood play while they are animated by the prospects of learning new concepts and continuously delve with the challenges of changes.

CMS endeavors to pursue its noble purpose, that is, to inculcate in a child a sustained thirst for knowledge – a continuing quest for what is new and what is good and to optimize learning through the innovative wits and academic crafts of the teachers and mentors coupled with the appropriate learning environment.



each student’s academic potential, creativity and values necessary  to excel  in a national and global environment


the distinctive qualities of each student and provide individualized programs suited to his capabilities


quality education by utilizing excellent and socially relevant, educational system – appropriate, significant and productive


the students’ sense of nationalism and love of country through  knowledge of and identification with the nation’s culture and traditions