Learning becomes ideal when it is both fun and interactive.

Field Trip

03 Feb 2016

Learning becomes ideal when it is both fun and interactive. There are multiple types of learning methods and each student has his or her own preference that is most apt in maximizing the process. There are individuals who are more comfortable visually and they are known as the visual learners. On the other hand, there are those who find it easier to study just by listening and these individuals are called the auditory learners. Besides these two types, there are other learning styles that each fit a particular individual. Nevertheless, it has been observed that the youth today are more inclined to experiential learning, which basically involves them being able to learn through hands-on activities and participation.

To maximize this, the students were given a treat as they were able to go on an exciting educational tour in the MMDA Children Safety Park. Additionally, the students were able to witness a spectacular play by Repertory Philippines as they re-enacted the story of Pinocchio and Scrooge. For the last activity, the students ended their day with an interactive learning experience in the well-known The Mind Museum in Taguig.