Last July 28 and 31, the school invited speakers from different colleges and universities who then shared insights about their institutions to the grades 9 and 10 students.


26 Mar 2016

Sports and other physical activities are indeed beneficial not just for the physical health of the youth, but also for their mental state. There have been countless of studies and researches that support the idea of sports and exercise correlating with psychological factors such as self-esteem, motivation and goal-setting.  The school believes that the well-being of the students is one of the top priorities especially that they need to become healthy in order to perform well. We may then wonder – in what way can the school assist the students to improve their health and at the same time hone their skills while they learn other values as well?

Aside from the regular academics, Creative Middle School hosted its very own Intramurals which gave the students an opportunity to hone their skills and talents in various sports and physical activities. The students were all divided into teams where they managed to develop cooperation, leadership, camaraderie and sportsmanship as they showcased their abilities in the said sport event.